Why borrow with St Dominic Credit Union?

  • Competitive interest rates
    We offer lower interest rates than that of other lending institutions in the market. Loan interest rates as low as 6%!
  • We offer a fast, friendly and reliable service both online and in person
  • No fees, charges or penalties
    No document fees, arrangements fees, facility fees, rescheduling fees or any other fees on loans. No penalties for making lump sum payments or clearing your loan off early either!
  • Free Loan Protection Insurance
  • Your loan is paid off in the event of your death or permanent disability (Terms and Conditions apply). This is important if you do not want to leave debt to your loved ones, other credit providers do not provide this without charging for it.
  • Pay less interest
    You pay interest on the reducing balance of the loan: therefore you pay less interest as the loan decreases.

More loans, more interest, greater dividend for you, the member