Loan Rates

Why not view our loan calculator and see how reasonable a credit union loan can be. Since the interest is charged only on the outstanding balance of the loan, you will pay even less interest if you repay your loan in a shorter time than planned.

What can I borrow for?

Special Car Loan (The Smooth Start Loan /Get into Gear Loan)

We are offering a special discounted rate for our car bundle loan. You can borrow at our low rate for a car, insurance and tax. To avail of this low rate just provide us with a quote from the car dealer and evidence of your insurance/tax bills. Cheques will be made payable directly to the garage. We’ll take care of the rest! Terms & Conditions Apply.

Freedom Loan

If you already have a number of credit cards, loans and other credit agreements in place, you may find it difficult to keep track and on top of your finances. Why not click here and see how our Freedom Loan can help you.

Dental Loan

We CU smiling! Here at SDCU we strongly believe everyone deserves the perfect smile.
That is why we have to come up with the perfect loan to suit everyone – SDCU Dental Loan.

Student Loan

This scheme is designed to provide finance to parents/ guardians and students to meet the costs of Further Education.

The Bigger – The Better Loan

  • Borrow €15k to €19k at only 9%
  •  Borrow €20k to €24k at only 8%
  •  Borrow €25k to €29k at only 7%
  • Borrow €30k and more at only 6.5%

Holiday Loan

No matter what your holiday loan is for – from far-flung adventures, to yearly breaks or the “I can’t wait to see their excitement” family holiday loan, St. Dominic Credit Union will ensure everything is clear, transparent and straightforward.

Community Loan

SDCU is now providing Community Loans!This is finance readily available to community and voluntary groups, charities, social enterprises and amateur sports clubs with one of our lowest rates. Join the Club TODAY!

Wedding Loan

Have the Perfect Wedding with the SDCU Wedding Loan because we C U saying I DO!

Revolving Credit Loan

Our quick convenient loan. Enquire today.

Multi Purpose Loan

Whether you need a loan for home improvements, a car or any occasion we have a loan to suit all your needs. Borrow for a holiday and get your foreign exchange commission free! This multi purpose loan is also available for all medical procedures cosmetic surgery or laser eye surgery.

Back to School Loan

Each year when children return to school it can be costly; this scheme is designed to help parents/guardians with the cost.

Terms and conditions apply to all credit union loans

Loan repayment calculator