Freedom Loan

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Use our loan calculator below and enter in your total outstanding debt that you currently have.

Step 2

Compare your weekly/monthly Freedom loan repayment with what you are currently paying.

Step 3

Imagine what you could do with the money you can save with the Freedom Loan!

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Loan Type Amount Outstanding Monthly Repayment
Bank Loan €10,000 €450
Car Loan €8000 €300
Credit Card €7000 €250
Total €25,000 €1000


SDCU Freedom Loan Example

Borrow Term Rate Repay. pm Total Cost of Loan
€25,000 3 Years 11.25% €821.43 €4571.51
So by switching to our freedom loan you can be debt free after 3 years and have monthly savings of €178.57. After 3 years that is savings of €6428.52

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