Student Loans

So you’ve made it to 3rd level, well done! Or are you the proud parent? Exciting times ahead and it all starts here.

Expensive though, isn’t it? Registration fees, course materials, living expenses, rent, the list goes on. St Dominic Credit Union is here to help.

Our 3rd level loan has a special interest rate of 6.5% (6.7% APR) which means if you borrow €1000, for example, over a year your repayment will be €19.89 per week and you will only pay a total amount of interest of €33.34.

Check out our calculator below

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Total Repayment Amount:
Total Interest Payable:

There are no fees, no transaction charges, no penalties for early repayment and the loan is insured at no extra cost.

Come talk to us today or apply online. Terms and Conditions apply. You may be asked for a guarantor.