Reactivate your Dormant account

If you own an old/dormant account you can reactivate your account by bringing us:

  • Photo ID (Passport, driving licence, ML10 form or Birth Cert (for U16 only)
  • Proof of Address (Utility bill, bank statement or documentation from revenue (MUST BE DATED WITHIN THE LAST 3 MONTHS)
  • Proof of PPS number (payslip, documentation from revenue, medical card)

You can also email these documents to us : 

Please quote your account number if you know it…

Once you have activated your account you are good to go! Once your account is reactivated why not register for CUOnline where you can have constant access to your account and transfer funds to and from your CU account

You will be eligible to avail of the many services we offer – low rate loans, online access to your account, discounted insurance, mortgages and more.

We hope to see you soon!

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