Types of Saving Accounts

Regular Share Account is our traditional credit union share account. You must hold a minimum of €10 in shares to keep this account active. This account attracts an annual dividend which is declared at the A.G.M. and posted gross to your account. Deposit Interest Retention Tax (D.I.R.T.), at the rate of 35% (currently for 2019) is deducted at source  from dividend paid.  Members who are exempt from paying D.I.R.T. must complete the DE1 declaration from below and return to us.  The maximum funds which may be held in a regular share account is €30,000, all funds over this limit must go to a deposit account.

DE1 Declaration Form

Deposit Account is the next most common method for savings. In order to open a Deposit Account you must first hold a Share Account with a minimum balance of €63.49. The maximum that can be held in a Deposit Account is €30,000. Deposit Accounts earn deposit interest which is credited to accounts on an annual basis and is subject to D.I.R.T.